How to Place an Order

This easy step-by-step guide outlines the process of ordering via our online store.

If you want to order via SMS/Viber instead, please text the following information to +63 (906) 711-6499:

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  • Your Full Name
  • Your complete Shipping Address
To access our product catalog, click the ☰ Menu icon and click on Products.

Step 1 · Find your product

Click the Products menu on top of the website. You can choose to view all products on one page or browse our products by category.

Step 2 · Choose your product

Once you have found the product you want, click on the item. You can use the search bar or a variety of filters to help you with your product browsing.

Step 3 · Click the “Order Now” button

Adjust the quantity, and click Order Now to proceed. Your orders will be placed on your cart icon.

Step 4 · Confirm shopping cart

Click on the shipping cart to see what products are inside. From here, you can either continue shopping for other items, view, adjust or remove the contents of your cart. When you’re happy with all items available on your cart, click PROCEED TO CHECK OUT

Step 5 · Proceed to Check Out

The system will redirect you to the Check Out page. If you have a Coupon Code, you can also enter it at the space provided. Please fill in all the required information correctly. Once you finished, click SUBMIT ORDER

Please note that selecting Credit Card or Paypal will automatically direct you to the Paypal Checkout page.

Step 6 · Receive order confirmation

Note your Order # when you reference your payment and for future order tracking. We will email this order confirmation to you.

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